Game Theory Films  Black Indigenous People of Colour Filmmaker Initiative

To augment and extend other initiatives focused on the advancement of Black, Indigenous and People of Colour creative communities, Game Theory Films is pleased to announce their new distribution fund, aligning major industry partners to make financial and in-kind contributions in support of Black, Indigenous and People of Colour feature filmmakers.  The resources will be allocated on a quarterly basis by a committee made up of contributors to the initiative and members from the Black, Indigenous and People of Colour filmmaker communities with a goal of supporting 8 projects in the first two years of the initiative.


For the first time, Game Theory will be offering recoupable Minimum Guarantees, committing $100K for the Canadian distribution rights of Feature Films and also allocating an additional $100K of non-recoupable in-kind services for filmmakers. The MG’s will be funded by companies Woods Entertainment , JoBro Productions, Comweb Foundation and William F. White. Canadian streamer Crave has come on board as a partner to support the first title selected by the committee with a broadcast and SVOD license. William F. White will also contribute in-kind services along with VFX studio and tech company MARZ,  URBAN POST the Toronto based full service post-production facility, and Entertainment Partners who will provide accounting, scheduling and budgeting software and training as well as tax credit expertise to the emerging filmmaker team. 


Non-Recoupable In-Kind Services:


1 x Grip and Electric package from William F. White (up to 20,000$)*

1 x Full post-production for a feature film from Urban Post (up to 40,000$)

2 x VFX packages for feature films from MARZ (up to 10,000$ each)*

8 x Scheduling, Budgeting and Accounting software and training from Entertainment Partners

*Not available for round 3 of applications

Recoupable Advances against Canadian Rights:


  • Cash advances will be between $10,000 - $50,000 and will be recoupable from Gross Revenue from the exploitation of the Canadian Rights of the film

  • Any funds recouped from the advances will be re-committed to Black, Indigenous and People of Colour producers in the future, similarly in the form of advances for Canadian distribution rights

  • Advances paid 50% on start of Pre-Production and confirmation of closing of financing and 50% on Delivery

Eligibility criteria:

  • Applicant must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada

  • Applicant must identify as Black, Indigenous, Person Of Colour

  • Applicant must be the Producer of the film

  • Proposed project must be feature-length format, with an intended length of at least 75 minutes long


Submissions will be completed via Google Forms.

For any questions regarding applications, please contact



Alexander Lasheras - Writer and Director

Arun Fryer - Producer


Jerome Yoo - Writer and Director

Nach Dudsdeemaytha - Producer


Anna Fahr - Writer, Director and Producer



Reza Dahya - Director

Chris Cromie - Writer

Soko Negash - Producer