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In small-town Trinidad, Dhani is a dissatisfied man in his early 20s. He hangs out at bars with his high rolling friends, but he doesn’t belong. Dhani always leaves the party early so that he can work the nightshift with his feisty mother, Sumintra selling “Doubles” (the famous Trinidadian street-food). The two share the same dream of opening their very own brick-and- mortar restaurant.


After getting humiliated by a girl and Sumintra getting robbed at knife point, Dhani has lost his patience. His land-developing friend, Philip, offers hundreds of thousands of dollars for their land. But, it’s Ragbir, Dhani's estranged father, a successful chef in Toronto, who owns the property. Against Sumintra’s wishes, Dhani decides to go to Toronto to confront Ragbir and get the land signed over to them.

Written and directed by: Ian Harnarine

Starring: Sanjiv Boodhu, Errol Sitahal, Rashaana Cumberbatch

Genre: Drama

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