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April, a brilliant programmer with a promising career ahead of her, is accused of plagiarism by Keith, a teaching assistant who drags her in front of an academic hearing to prevent her from graduating. While operating under the guise of an impartial panel, the three tribunal judges each also have their own illicit motivations and personal biases that will secretly steer the final decision. By aggressively questioning a colourful group of witnesses, both April and Keith build their cases while becoming increasingly acrimonious towards the tribunal and each other. As tensions rise, the facade of civility and political correctness erodes, revealing sinister and unflattering sides of all parties concerned. Behind the closed doors of a prestigious institution of higher learning, what began as a seemingly honourable pursuit of academic justice slowly turns into a chaotic display of corruption, pettiness and naked self-interest. 


"Dong understands leaving the audience wanting, and his debut is a sure handed, well produced and sharply shot little drama that drills deeply and believably into often crass human behavior."

- Original-Cin

"Dong says he was inspired by the way Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing unfolds, where tempers build up to an explosive climax, combining humour and drama while making an indelible statement about race in America."

- The Chronicle Herald

"To reminded me of A Few Good Men...much like Aaron Sorkin's military masterclass. Stealing School is pressure cooker full of twists and big speeches..."

- eTalkCTV


REMI Winner 53rd Annual Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival 2020

Official Selection Napa Valley Film Festival 2019

Official Selection Houston Asian American Pacific Island Film Festival 2020


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