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When her parents are killed in a sudden car accident, television actor Frankie King (Alana Hawley Purvis) returns to her hometown in rural Alberta to face this tragedy after being estranged from her family for 20 years. As she struggles to reconnect with her truculent brother Grayson (Joe Perry), old wounds are reopened and family secrets uncovered. Range Roads is an intimate story of grief, longing, and forgiveness, that explores the painful and beautiful complexities of what it means to be a family.

Directed and Written by: Kyle Thomas

Starring: Alana Hawley Purvis, Joe Perry, Nicole De Boer, Chad Brownlee

Genre: Drama

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"'Range Roads' might travel a familiar road, but its characters and situations are refreshingly real."

- Cinequest

"Alana Hawley Purvis is truly remarkable."


"Thomas showing an eye for building character with subtle details and dialogue and a talent for coaxing natural performances from his cast"

- Calgary Herald

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