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Reporting from the frontlines of the Okanagan wildfires, Stan (Tim Guinee) documents uncommon heroism on his blog while hoping for a big break that’ll make him a household name beyond Peachland. But when he’s unexpectedly charged with a shocking crime, he must scramble to salvage his reputation with the civic leaders who respect him and save his marriage to Gail (Chelah Horsdal, The Man in the High Castle), the woman who’s supported him amidst his various struggles. But how will Gail react when the extent – and nature – of the charges are revealed and his innocence is hardly assured?

Written and Directed by: Andrew Huculiak

Starring: Chelah Horsdal, Tim Guinee, Beverley Elliott 

Genre: Drama

Vancouver Critics Film Circle 2019 WINNER Best Actor in a Canadian Feature

Woodstock Film Festival 2019 WINNER Best Cinematography

"As intense and fearsomely beautiful as the wildfire that roars through it, ASH felled me."

- Laura Hillenbrand, Author of Seabiscuit, Unbroken

"ASH, as powerful and poetic a film as I have ever seen..."

- Michael O'Keefe, Academy Award Nominee

"Haunting and deeply human, Andrew Huculiak's ASH is an exquisitely acted and elegantly shot film.""

- Peter Hedges, Ben is Back, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Dan in Real Life

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